Chronicles of a [Candy] Factory Worker #3: Slave Help 

Just a lonely slave getting by with crumbs and overpriced merchandise…


See?! Two dollars for this! It’s maddening when I can get a bigger bottle for the same price or less elsewhere! Ugh, why job…why…

Anywho, I’m posted as a “helper” tonight which I took as doing as little as possible the whole night. And boy, was I wrong! So far I’ve helped clean up and ready up for the next order, which was a measly single batch of gummi bears..

And ps: two of them might taste a little… different… Sorry not sorry. Also, I wasn’t paying close attention so, you know… It happens. I’m human. Whatever. It’s one batch. SHHHH..

At the moment, I’m helping the fellow Overthinker hold down his fort, while simultaneously having everyone treat me like the slave I am keeping him and myself from stressing out too much over the occasional falling behind. Though I don’t think me being on lunch is helping the cause…
The order isn’t necessarily big. It’s just that the process of making the candy is rather expansive, requires a bit of lifting, and writing down specifics, as I was told tonight. Overall, it’s more of the same with added steps.
After that, I’m suppose to be helping out with drops again. ‘I need to get better’ according to the Lead so you know, shoot down my confidence, will ya? Thought I was good enough yesterday, but understandable that I need to retain what I’ve learned thus far.
Still, I take slight offense to it 😛

Small one today, folks. It was somewhat uneventful, though talks of how much we get paid coinciding with the work we’re doing is beginning to be a favorite topic of ours…

I should get on that post soon, shouldn’t I…
Until then~

Chronicles of a [Candy] Factory Worker #2: Fish & Drops (and everything in between) 🐟

You know the effs are not given when you rather be late to get something to eat instead of spend Double the price at your job’s concession stand.

Yes, I said it right. A breakfast bowl that costs less than 2.50 at Walmart costs close to FIVE BUCKS at work. FIVE BUCKS! It’s like just because we earn “more” doesn’t mean we wanna spend the majority of our checks to get through the night. Jeez, not even the Gatorade shows mercy: two bucks for NOT EVEN the fat bottle. It’s the skinnier small bottle. I’ll get a pic on the next post for a better description.

Anywho, I was told that I was a bit ‘slow’ the last time I did the Flavor area. A quick rundown of Flavor: I’m dropping the candy into six separate kettles & adding a different flavor and coloring into each. Downstairs, aka another team, then has their machine running [auto] to shape out the candy into various designs, depending on the order requested. Tonight’s design/order was for “Gummi Mickey Heads”…because we want to give kids nightmares 😛

So to be called ‘slow’ by “some people” on the drop is…a little flawed opinion…in my opinion. I saw myself more like: I was bad with the drops as they came. Or better yet: candy shortages were possible with me on duty. So it wasn’t so much as me being slow as it was me just learning the timing better. We get so much time to do one before the next one is immediately ready. There’s cooldown, sure, but with me… I was constantly playing catch-up so there was no cooldown.

On the brightside, I’m getting better at drops, from timing to when to start dropping. Getting advice from one of my ‘partners in crime’ is helping out a lot; outside of advice from an overthinker of a team mate. Like can you believe that I’m not the only “beautiful mind” in this world after all? It’s frightening yet, a lovely thing to know 👍

Also, this is what twelve hours can do to a pair of pants.

Until tonight~

Chronicles of a [Candy] Factory Worker #1: Must Be Cool to be a Ghost

I learned about “ghosting” tonight. And it’s not friendly…

I learned about “ghosting” tonight. And it’s not friendly.

“Ghosting” is when the person that was supposed to be in a certain kitchen ends up being a no-show, forcing the rest of the team to look after the kitchen in his/her place…for the most part. The morning team did part of that. But long story short, I end up in charge of Kitchen 2 and had to play a little bit of catch-up and guessing games as to what was and wasn’t done. Not a total headache, but bothersome.

By the way, there are three Kitchens we all watch over as Operators. Kitchen 1 is the main one that needs the most cooperation between us, Kitchen 2 calls for occasional interference, and Kitchen 3 is mostly self-operational but need a hand here and there. The latter two usually needs no more than a person each; everyone else (of about six to seven of us) stays at the first Kitchen. I call it the ‘all-manual’ kitchen because it requires so much activity and movement, very rarely is there downtime. Thank goodness for the water fountain nearby 👍

Besides that, the team in Kitchen 1 experienced a bit of “ghosting” themselves & tasked me to hold down the “Mixer” area while simultaneously holding down my Kitchen 2 fort. The Lead wasn’t in the area at the time & the backup Lead decided to send two people off to lunch instead of the usual one at a time. Good job, backup. You are backup for a reason *thumbs up*

Not much happened tonight other than annoying alarms going off for no reason; and I forgot to put on deodorant (though with gummi products, they look down on smelling too good) so I was a musty mess Despite having had showered before going in. It gets crazy hot up in the Kitchens anyway so deodorant would have been super temporary.

I’m still learning Kitchen 2, though. I’m liking it somewhat. You gotta stay on top of Everything, though. It gets crazy especially having to catch up from previous shift’s fallbacks or running short on a certain ingredient, but it’s not too much for one person to handle. All in all, a pretty decent night~

I’m baaaaackkkk~

So I still feel uneasy about this 200$ Chromebook purchase. Heaviest form of buyer’s remorse, if you will.

I say this as I put on my 100$ pair of high heels I recently bought.
(Picture of Charlas here)
What? I don’t regret this purchase.
They’d go good with a tux. On me.
If I had one..
By the way, I’m straight. In case you forgot.

In other news, hello! I’m back on the blogosphere! Didja miss me??
I sure missed blogging. There was always a good feeling after I blogged, getting things off my chest and just talking about stuff I like, even with little to no audience to read. Surprisingly, people have read my posts over the years when I was on Blogger. I actually managed to cram out 150 posts during my time over there! Crazy, right?? It was all mainly niche topics, though. And I would hate to reread those posts if I kept them around, too.
Mainly because I might end up mimicking a lot of them, to be honest…
But we’ll see where this goes. For now, I’ll end it here. Just wanted to wake up my page & get it ready for more posts to come. I hope you all stay tuned for more activity on here, as I’m hoping to put up a lot of posts I’ve had in ‘draft’ state for ages. Just need to straighten them up & see if they are worth the trouble.

Until then~