Who am I?

All in one!
Figured I’d get every bit of me – into one pic

My name is Chris. I am 24 , leveling up every July the 16th, & I reside in NW Indiana; staying with a mom of two, including me & my younger sister, and a step-dad/father of one (my sister’s). We are a disoriented pile of junk  small happy family a majority of the time but…I’d still like to live on my own sometime soon. I mean, doesn’t everyone want to experience life on their own at times? I figure starting a blog was one way to announce my independence get things started.

   I am a video gamer, high heeler, writer, blogger, part-time worker… but you can just call me a lazy bum multi-talented 😉 For those not knowing what I mean, here’s the basic gist of each, from my POV (point-of-view):

     Video Gamer

I am an avid video gamer. It started when I was rather young, maybe six or seven years of age, & it stuck around through a multitude of generations of consoles & even handhelds. At the moment, I have the Wii, Wii U, [NEW] 3DS, & the PS4. I also have the DSi handheld…in my sister’s possession, as well as a pink DS Lite that is rightfully hers. In previous years, my soul was sold to Gamestop & their trade-in “deals” but now I know that I could get better by either selling elsewhere (eBay mainly), or just holding on to them. I mean, values go up over time, right? Not implying that it’s the Only reason I’m holding onto them…or is it? 😮

My tags are as follow:
PSN: chipsHH
NNID (Wii U/3DS): chipsthe1st
Xbox 360: chipsHH (no system)
Steam: either psn_chipsHH or chipsHH

I play a variety of titles, most of which could be figured out from the pictures below. I can be a BIG FPS addict when & If I let it but outside of that, Action, Adventure, RPGs (somewhat), and – dare I say – Nintendo games are my main go-tos of choice~
nintendo_fanboy_by_maplerose-d3iduuf mario chiste 4Bp0FUbkCMAAlMIC

     High Heels

This one’s a doozey to explain whenever anyone asks me about it (you know, once anyone finds out), & I might as well clear the elephant from this blog now rather than later…
I have a bit of a thing for high heels, in more ways than one. Naturally as a guy, I dig heels on the ladies & can appreciate any lady wearing heels on a nice day or a cold day. But if you can’t handle your heels, expect me to call you out on it…from the distance…chuckling, to myself…and many others around me…he he. Doesn’t matter if you’re a skinny toothpick or a plump plum; you wear the heels with confidence…I’m looking at you as you strut your stuff. (And hopefully looking stunning as well 😉

1st pair I ever bought
1st pair I ever bought

Aside from that, I also like wearing heels myself every so often…kinda odd, right? I honestly cannot clarify why I like wearing them. The only solid lead that I have is that I inherited it from my mom & her love of shoes in general. I mean it sounds logical, right? Thing is, it’s very rare that I imagine a life not liking heels as I do now, especially with all of the pair I currently own, because I figured I’d take it as another unique trait of being me, as I am. I could change it if I wanted but truth is, it’s pretty different of me, the only “different” I have besides my extensive love for video games & [almost[ all things “geeky”…And I kinda like it that way.
The only thing to point out & people seem to assume this often for Obvious reasons: I am straight. I prefer females. I have never questioned this fact, either. It’s just me & the heels. But I feel that you [all] should also know that I have done a few “excursions” out in the public eye in heels back in high school, and I adore the fact that I had the courage & guts in those years to even do as such compared to now. Just know that there might be a time that this happens again. I’m not quite sure When, exactly, because living with the parents can strangle opportunities (mom isn’t too fond of the idea, and step-dad…let’s not even; sis kinda knows but could grow use to it) & sneaking in and out with heels in hand isn’t as simple as it might seem. Dare I say, its a closeted ‘activity’ of sorts for now.
I’m currently exploring the other side of the aisle, to see what other options I might be interested in styling myself in. I actually adore tights quite a bit, solid colors mainly, as well as leggings that I’d like to give a shot as well. But seeing that I must go a bit bigger in that regards plus…there are designs I can only dream of finding on a pair of tights, a la Zelda logo(s) or ‘da’ Bears sigil, th dream to try out other styles are growing rather slim, unless I finally do something about it…*sigh* Only time will tell.


I used to be an avid writer back in middle & high school but then…video games existed.
I continue to get lots of inspiration for things to write about, though I haven’t psychically written any down or even typed my thoughts out. (Yes, as computer-“literate” I am, rarely have I popped up Open Office to jot down thoughts, excuse now being that I “NEED” a Surface tablet first *facepalm*).
I try my best to jot them down straight from the head before I drive my mind wild & if I manage to do that, they might just be up on here: the Writing Times of C. Nightwalk~ (C. Nightwalk being an alias I thought up long ago)


Speaking of this whole site, yes. I’m an on-again-off-again Blogger when I feel that my mind is too much for one therapist (or two or three, given my HS history) so therefore, how about the internet become my venting grounds, eh? I just can never decide which site to utilize their features to utmost usage; I might be here but I don’t feel too right here unless Every Thing on my site is customizable. Alas, not everything can be free, which I digress to explain further.
I blogged on Blogger a few years back & had Something steady going, views coming in & entries being read & even replied to – they know who they are 😉
But then I felt that I wasn’t getting enough exposure so I took a look around the net for something ‘mature’

     Part-time Worker

Yep. I sold out. To the big wigs. Just kidding~
I have been working since March 10th, 2013 at Target, a big-name retail store. I’m part of the early-morning Unload the truck/Stock the shelves crew, which means I could have been up as early as four o’clock in the morning tidying up the store so that guests get the best experience possible.
For lack of better words, it’s a living to say the least. At first, I had an objective to make things straight in my life. Now the objective is to keep things straight for the family…There’s a story behind it, one that I’ll tell later down the line.

So…yeah. That’s me! Hope I’m not too bland, and I hope you stick around for the long run!~


Thoughts? Comments?

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