Chronicles of a [Candy] Factory Worker #7: The Probiotic Post 

Second night Mixing for Kit 1, and it’s not as bad as the first night. For one, I’m not as tired as I was Monday (though I still do if I sit for too long). And two, I’m measuring & writing down everything this time. So it keeps me busy. A lot busier.

Mandatory for Probiotics

We became short-handed after 10pm, though. One of the Chris’ end up leaving for some reason, assuming he felt sick from Taco Bell BUT I’m jumping to conclusions without knowing. (Update at 10:30p: he wasn’t sick, but a family emergency was the reason). So the Lead took over his spot with Flavor. Regardless, things are still as slow as Monday. Downstairs frequently went down, no pun intended, and drops were rather far apart from one another. To top it off, we were also confirmed to be doing Probiotics the whole week, striking out the Lead’s claim that I wouldn’t need to worry about Flavor this time…

But you know, could just punch me in the gut anyway. How ‘bout dah?
Speaking of, I feel myself coming down with something…literally and figuratively…

It’s not a huge problem. Though the new paperwork we were told to fill out for Flavor is EXPANSIVE so if anything, I might run into a bit of lost faces of confusion there. But we will see when we get to that point, Saturday night.


Also, I’ve taken a liking to wearing this shirt on the days that I get paid, a way to signify that ‘hayyy! Dat money’s hittin’ ma account after work! Let’s go!’ To me, anyway. To others, it’s a bird head on a human suited-up body with stacks of cash behind it. But to a certain fighting game community, it’s a meme/inside joke. Multiple meanings behind it, which is why I love wearing it on those paydays.

Here’s hoping hire-ups don’t catch on to the wrong meaning…

Until then~

Although…that girl…hmm…


Thoughts? Comments?

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