Chronicles of a [Candy] Factory Worker #6: Fun Times in K2

Holding down Kitchen 2 tonight, and once again experienced a bit of sweating (though not a stink fest like a few posts ago, mind you). It’s slowly becoming the norm for when I work over there, which is a good thing. I could use the busyness. (Bad enough that I’m tired as is, so keeping on my toes is a plus in staying awake instead of sitting down).

I was able to buy some breakfast bowls the other day for cheaper than the break room concession was offering. Essentially two – from Walmart – for the price of one 👍

So tonight was the first night working in Kit 2 that I had the need for a “changeover”; that is, changing to a new order, setting up for the next batch. Fortunately, the order didn’t change completely. Rather, due to an error by the day side team – an order was shorted a huge amount of candy – I end up continuing the gummi worms, so no other input was needed, except to put in the order number, which the Lead had that covered thankfully. I’ll have to learn how to input it myself, but my exhausted brain wouldn’t have remembered it for long.

My night in Kit 2 was cut short, however. Apparently, Downtime was in the schedule…in the middle of making batches for the order. The math as to why Now of all times to go into a chill period fails me.
By the way, “downtime” is when a Kitchen is pretty much on cooldown. I mean, machines gotta rest eventually, right?
Now Downtimes are often twelve hours long. TWELVE. HOURS. LONG. And the lucky-yet-unlucky team that works during that time has the fun & enjoyment of cleaning the area & machinery of excess pollutants & nasty whatevers that might have formed during the runs. Or maybe because the higher-ups are germophobes that think stuff can form on machines as food is being cooked. Either way, lots of cleaning pursues during this time. For Kitchen 1 folk, it can be easy or hard, depending on what all needs to be done + everything going without a hitch.  For Kit 2 or 3, it’s just the lone person to get things tidy, though I imagine they get help from the Lead or whoever takes pity on them. It’s not completely boring. As the machines are essentially cleaning themselves with occasional human intervention, you are free to roam to other kitchens & chat with the ‘mates. Supervisors might also end the twelve-hour downtime prematurely for reasons so there’s that as well.
At least for me, the downtime started near the end of shift so no harm done.
Except cleaning the machine part filled with a jelly-like substance in it…I should have snapped a pic…

Though if hire-ups from the job is reading…………..

Until tomorrow~



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