Chronicles of a [Candy] Factory Worker #5: Trapped

*sigh* It’s what I feared as soon as I realized the third ‘Chris’ wasn’t here tonight, as well as what that Chris predicted: I’m doing the Mixing of Probiotics tonight, alongside the new Chris on the team. Literally not a huge surprise, dang near had my night ruined. (Then I realized I was off my bipolar mood & couldn’t help but joke around. I’m weird, okay?)


It’s more or less another boring night in my opinion because mixing on a Probiotic night – make that a Week – is Terrible! They sanction a part of Kit 1 to mixing a couple of ingredients; something something stuff is in the air to pollute the product, sure. Then one or two people end up having to spend the whole night either within, what we call, the ‘tent’, or outside the vicinity of the opening into the tent, and we just wait for the Flavor person to ask for the mix in the bucket. We set up backups for when one of us is on lunch or break, so that the other person doesn’t fall behind. Not so pleasant when downstairs keep failing for some reason, and we’re left waiting around for Ever with no where else to really walk to (you don’t leave the general area anyway, but it’s even more limited on a night like this). We converse, sure, but that only goes for so long.
Ah well. At least I’m confirmed for Kit 2 control tomorrow night 😁

Also, apparently I’ll be fighting my team for talking down on me every single night I’m there. It’s all fun & games until someone gets hurt…by my hands…

They’ll regret it 😉

Until then~


Thoughts? Comments?

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