Chronicles of a [Candy] Factory Worker #4: Uneventful Busyness

I find it funny that I was almost stranded about ten minutes ago yet, I refused to take this back at the time…

IMG_20170605_073030C’mon. What am I gonna do with money stranded??
Anyway, back to the night…

A very quiet night actually. And we were short-handed. This hasn’t happened since a month ago where about 2-3 call-offs & scheduled days off left us in a tight spot. Tonight, though…

We had one call-off but the rest were just scheduled or requested days off. Which left us with a total of five people to work with.
You read right. Five people. From a usual total of 8-9 people. Now if you recall reading a previous post, I mentioned that we would have at least one person for each of the other kitchens, three in all. And that everyone else held down a role in Kitchen 1. But when we’re short a person or two, things alter and one person might end up with two roles in Kit 1, depending on the order we’re making. And breaks and lunches end up being a one-at-a-time priority.

Luckily as far as I know, things in Kit 1 haven’t been too tough. Actually, the order has yet to even start up cause fortunately, we aren’t the only ones that are short-handed tonight. The meeting earlier only saw about 15-20 people in attendance, when there are usually around 30 people in all, and downstairs is seemingly still getting things ready for the order as we speak so… We have been spared, for now.

Though it doesn’t matter much for me. I’m holding down Kit 2 for the night and already saw myself with a ‘catching-up’ moment. The guy in Kit 3 had a major spill and I decided to go and help him out. As soon as I returned, though, I found myself having to refill the flavor canisters, the sugar bag, AND the gelatin bag. Not to mention changing filters and cleaning one as well. Like yikes! I end up sweating beads by the end of it. And I at least had a bit of help from those in Kit 1, since they were still awaiting to start up. So it wasn’t too terrible.

Like I stated, it was a rather quiet night, nothing too big. But apparently, we’re doing Probiotics tomorrow night so uh…That should be a full post of craziness.

Until then~


Thoughts? Comments?

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