Chronicles of a [Candy] Factory Worker #3: Slave Help 

See?! Two dollars for this! It’s maddening when I can get a bigger bottle for the same price or less elsewhere! Ugh, why job…why…

Anywho, I’m posted as a “helper” tonight which I took as doing as little as possible the whole night. And boy, was I wrong! So far I’ve helped clean up and ready up for the next order, which was a measly single batch of gummi bears..

And ps: two of them might taste a little… different… Sorry not sorry. Also, I wasn’t paying close attention so, you know… It happens. I’m human. Whatever. It’s one batch. SHHHH..

At the moment, I’m helping the fellow Overthinker hold down his fort, while simultaneously having everyone treat me like the slave I am keeping him and myself from stressing out too much over the occasional falling behind. Though I don’t think me being on lunch is helping the cause…
The order isn’t necessarily big. It’s just that the process of making the candy is rather expansive, requires a bit of lifting, and writing down specifics, as I was told tonight. Overall, it’s more of the same with added steps.
After that, I’m suppose to be helping out with drops again. ‘I need to get better’ according to the Lead so you know, shoot down my confidence, will ya? Thought I was good enough yesterday, but understandable that I need to retain what I’ve learned thus far.
Still, I take slight offense to it 😛

Small one today, folks. It was somewhat uneventful, though talks of how much we get paid coinciding with the work we’re doing is beginning to be a favorite topic of ours…

I should get on that post soon, shouldn’t I…
Until then~

Thoughts? Comments?

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