Chronicles of a [Candy] Factory Worker #2: Fish & Drops (and everything in between) πŸŸ

You know the effs are not given when you rather be late to get something to eat instead of spend Double the price at your job’s concession stand.

Yes, I said it right. A breakfast bowl that costs less than 2.50 at Walmart costs close to FIVE BUCKS at work. FIVE BUCKS! It’s like just because we earn “more” doesn’t mean we wanna spend the majority of our checks to get through the night. Jeez, not even the Gatorade shows mercy: two bucks for NOT EVEN the fat bottle. It’s the skinnier small bottle. I’ll get a pic on the next post for a better description.

Anywho, I was told that I was a bit ‘slow’ the last time I did the Flavor area. A quick rundown of Flavor: I’m dropping the candy into six separate kettles & adding a different flavor and coloring into each. Downstairs, aka another team, then has their machine running [auto] to shape out the candy into various designs, depending on the order requested. Tonight’s design/order was for “Gummi Mickey Heads”…because we want to give kids nightmares πŸ˜›

So to be called ‘slow’ by “some people” on the drop is…a little flawed opinion…in my opinion. I saw myself more like: I was bad with the drops as they came. Or better yet: candy shortages were possible with me on duty. So it wasn’t so much as me being slow as it was me just learning the timing better. We get so much time to do one before the next one is immediately ready. There’s cooldown, sure, but with me… I was constantly playing catch-up so there was no cooldown.

On the brightside, I’m getting better at drops, from timing to when to start dropping. Getting advice from one of my ‘partners in crime’ is helping out a lot; outside of advice from an overthinker of a team mate. Like can you believe that I’m not the only “beautiful mind” in this world after all? It’s frightening yet, a lovely thing to know πŸ‘

Also, this is what twelve hours can do to a pair of pants.

Until tonight~

Thoughts? Comments?

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