Chronicles of a [Candy] Factory Worker #1: Must Be Cool to be a Ghost

I learned about “ghosting” tonight. And it’s not friendly.

“Ghosting” is when the person that was supposed to be in a certain kitchen ends up being a no-show, forcing the rest of the team to look after the kitchen in his/her place…for the most part. The morning team did part of that. But long story short, I end up in charge of Kitchen 2 and had to play a little bit of catch-up and guessing games as to what was and wasn’t done. Not a total headache, but bothersome.

By the way, there are three Kitchens we all watch over as Operators. Kitchen 1 is the main one that needs the most cooperation between us, Kitchen 2 calls for occasional interference, and Kitchen 3 is mostly self-operational but need a hand here and there. The latter two usually needs no more than a person each; everyone else (of about six to seven of us) stays at the first Kitchen. I call it the ‘all-manual’ kitchen because it requires so much activity and movement, very rarely is there downtime. Thank goodness for the water fountain nearby 👍

Besides that, the team in Kitchen 1 experienced a bit of “ghosting” themselves & tasked me to hold down the “Mixer” area while simultaneously holding down my Kitchen 2 fort. The Lead wasn’t in the area at the time & the backup Lead decided to send two people off to lunch instead of the usual one at a time. Good job, backup. You are backup for a reason *thumbs up*

Not much happened tonight other than annoying alarms going off for no reason; and I forgot to put on deodorant (though with gummi products, they look down on smelling too good) so I was a musty mess Despite having had showered before going in. It gets crazy hot up in the Kitchens anyway so deodorant would have been super temporary.

I’m still learning Kitchen 2, though. I’m liking it somewhat. You gotta stay on top of Everything, though. It gets crazy especially having to catch up from previous shift’s fallbacks or running short on a certain ingredient, but it’s not too much for one person to handle. All in all, a pretty decent night~

Thoughts? Comments?

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