I’m baaaaackkkk~

So I still feel uneasy about this 200$ Chromebook purchase. Heaviest form of buyer’s remorse, if you will.

I say this as I put on my 100$ pair of high heels I recently bought.
(Picture of Charlas here)
What? I don’t regretย this purchase.
They’d go good with a tux. On me.
If I had one..
By the way, I’m straight. In case you forgot.

In other news, hello! I’m back on the blogosphere! Didja miss me??
I sure missed blogging. There was always a good feeling after I blogged, getting things off my chest and just talking about stuff I like, even with little to no audience to read. Surprisingly, people have read my posts over the years when I was on Blogger. I actually managed to cram out 150 posts during my time over there! Crazy, right?? It was all mainly niche topics, though. And I would hate to reread those posts if I kept them around, too.
Mainly because I might end up mimicking a lot of them, to be honest…
But we’ll see where this goes. For now, I’ll end it here. Just wanted to wake up my page & get it ready for more posts to come. I hope you all stay tuned for more activity on here, as I’m hoping to put up a lot of posts I’ve had in ‘draft’ state for ages. Just need to straighten them up & see if they are worth the trouble.

Until then~